Home Staging New York: New 2009 Statistics – Staged Homes Sell 78% Faster!

If you ever doubted that home staging may not be the worthwhile investment everyone on the West Coast seems to think it is, updated statistics show that it is.

Home staging is basically presenting a house or apartment in its best possible light so that it is attractive to the broad range of buyers, so much so, that when buyers walk into the space, they fall in love and want to live there.  Home staging is about selling a lifestyle, not a house.  If you put yourself in the frame of mind of someone marketing a product, you know that packaging counts.  It’s the same thing when selling a house.

A study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) of homes that were staged in 2009 revealed that they spent 78% less time on the market than before they were staged.

My own experience as a home stager supports this.   We recently staged a vacant one-bedroom apartment in New York City that had been on the market for 5 months with NO offers.  After we staged it, the owner received 3 offers in the first week and a signed contract less than 4 weeks from the date it was staged.

We weren’t surprised that the apartment had received no offers, since…

  • its black carpeting did not show well online. 
  • the built-ins in the living room were overwhelming and took up valuable space. 
  • the kitchen wallpaper was outdated. 
  • the terrace was dirty, cluttered and uninviting.
And that’s not including all of the negatives of showing a vacant apartment to prospective buyers.
After the homeowner agreed to our recommendations to correct the issues above, we staged the apartment with rental furniture and our decorative accessories. See the dramatic before and after photos:
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