Home Staging New York: Our Recent Stagings Beat 2009 Staging Statistics

I recently wrote that if you ever doubted that home staging may not be the worthwhile investment everyone on the West Coast seems to think it is, updated statistics show that it is.

Home staging is basically presenting a house or apartment in its best possible light so that it is attractive to the broad range of buyers, so much so, that when buyers walk into the space, they fall in love and want to live there.  Home staging is about selling a lifestyle, not a house.  If you put yourself in the frame of mind of someone marketing a product, you know that packaging counts.  It’s the same thing when selling a house.

A study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) of homes that were staged in 2009 revealed that:

  • Vacant homes not previously on the market before they were staged sold on average in 42 days
  • Occupied homes that were staged before they were put on the market, sold on average in 39 days

Our experience with recent home stagings support, and even beat, the vacant homes number.

We recently staged a vacant one-bedroom apartment in New York City.  Both the homeowner and the real estate agent were smart enough to realize it wouldn’t show well without some furniture in it, and without a few cosmetic updates we recommended (painting the built-in bookcase white, updating the kitchen appliances and hardware to stainless steel, and hanging a chandelier to define the dining area).

After the updates and the staging, the homeowner accepted an offer at full asking price 23 days after the staging!

In a previous blog, I reported on another recent staging that had a signed contract 15 days after the staging at close to the asking price.

While two recent stagings is certainly not a scientific sample, they do support the RESA statistics.

View the before and after photos in this 90 second slide show. 

Wouldn’t you be more likely to make an offer after the staging, than if you walked into this apartment before it was updated and staged? 


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One Response to “Home Staging New York: Our Recent Stagings Beat 2009 Staging Statistics”

  1. emilie verbeek Says:

    What a nice colour palette you prepared! The taupe with orange and turquoise work! I’m very happy with your metrics; here in Holland it’s difficult to sell homestaging. People are not ready yet to see staging as an expertise next to real estate. Thanks and have a nice day! emilie

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